Mar 9, 2009

Feral Cat Photo of the Day: Suspicious Cat

This isn't a great photo but I've had a hard time getting a picture of this kitty, which I've named Suspicious Cat. He's a young Tom, and scared of his own shadow.
cat photo feral Suspicious Cat

I had to snap fast and a tenth of a second later he had disappeared.

Suspicious Cat seems to be getting enough to eat. It appears that there may be something wrong with his eyes; probably feline herpes, which is very common in the feral cat colony. He seems to be getting along despite his infirmities.

Some vets with whom I have dealings have a policy regarding feral cats: If one is brought in and it tests positive for certain diseases, they euthanize it (a strange word, it means good death ...yeah, like that's a good thing). Anyway, so I always worry about taking in guys like this when he isn't suffering as far as I can tell.