Mar 31, 2009

Feral Cat Of The Day - LoJack

One of the very first short-tailed cats to appear in the feral colony, I named this tom Low-Jack...or LoJack, I didn't think much about how it was spelled, I just thought it was a cute name for a kitty, especially a vagabond feral cat. :)

cat photo picture of LoJack a bobtail feral cat

I used to have a picture of him as a kitten but I lost it somewhere. Well, at least LoJack is still with us! I'm afraid he's a bit of a scaredy cat... hard to get a picture of him. But he's kind of friendly too. He has a special place he hides when it is feeding time: He knows I'll bring him his own special little bit of food.

This is a recent photo; here LoJack is about 5 years old. I still think he's adorable.. I even made up a song about him a few years ago "LowJacky Go" ..and if/when I find that baby picture, I'll post it.

10/09 - Low Jack has gone missing. The last time I saw him he was looking healthy and eating just fine. Therefore, my best guess is that he was a victim of coyote predation. This is a rural feral cat colony and unfortunately these things happen. It always seems like it's the sweetest cats, though.