Dec 8, 2009

The Plight of Feral Cats - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Feral cats lead difficult lives. Even when there is someone to care for them, things can be hard. This morning it is 16 degrees Fahrenheit... some feral cats are lucky enough to have a shelter provided. Some aren't so lucky. But even on this cold morning, a cat must come out into the cold to try to find food. It is the only hope of survival.
Feral Cat sunrise, in the shadows of decay and despair

There are times when I just cry. I sometimes feel like I can't deal with it anymore; too much suffering, too much hardship (for them not for me). My heart aches.

Illustrative of the Plight of Feral Cats #1

I confess; I wonder if I am doing any good sometimes. Maybe all that I accomplish only prolongs the suffering. There is no "up side" for most of these cats; they will never have homes. Even the cute kittens I've rescued and tamed may end up going back to the feral colony, without people to adopt them. Have I really done something good by saving their lives, or have I only guaranteed more misery?

It is a question I am still unable to answer. Perhaps there are no answers to be found. Maybe all one can do is whatever we are doing right now, while the rest is left to some Divine power seemingly indifferent to the little cruelties and horrors found in a world that prefers to look away.

I find myself thinking now that it is truly better to not know the truth; to turn away as so many do. Think about that video game or one's favorite TV show instead. Ignorance is bliss. Seeing only brings heartache. There is no comfort here; there is only living another day.
little tabby cat, only happy to be alive, hoping to stay alive

Yet whatever living another day means, whatever it brings to us - somehow, it must be enough. The past is gone - the future may never arrive. Therefore,  whatever we have here and now, what is within our reach at this very moment, it is truly all that we have.
No shelter, no hope, yet still living and struggling to stay alive
When the world is filled with questions I cannot answer, that is what I tell myself.