Apr 22, 2010

Poor Mort, Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Mort the rescued feral kitten. Poor Mort, his third eyelid closed as a result of medication given by a vet

Poor Mort, first he almost died when he was 7 or 8 weeks old. In fact, of a litter of 5, only Mort and littermate Panda survived. And Mort needed a lot of antibiotics and care to make it. Then Mort was fine for a while, until he went to the vet to get fixed.

As a result of some medication the vet gave him, his third eyelid closed on his left eye. First, the vet told us he'd be fine in a few days. Then the story was that it might take a week or so. Then, it was "up to a month." I don't know if Mort will ever get better.

It makes it even harder for the poor thing to find a home. And that is especially sad because Mort wants to be someone's cat. Mort's adoption page is here.