May 28, 2010

All Feral Cats, Great and Small

Life can be a struggle. We all know it. We try to build our lives, feeling our way by instinct. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. And sometimes we get a helping hand along the way.

Are we so different? A tummy full of food brings comfort...
several feral cats at feeding time

And as long as we have a safe place to sleep...
orange feral cat sleeps in the grass. Click to comment on Flickr

We try to build a home and a family.
orange-buff feral cat mom with one fuzzy orange kitten

But it isn't easy. No one knows what the future holds as we look in wonderment at the world.
little tabby striped kitten investigates the world
 Sometimes strangers come our way ...and we are afraid. Sometimes the danger is real; sometimes it is only in our minds. Who can tell?
A possum visits a feeding station

Sometimes life brings us hardships. Sometimes an illness strikes from nowhere, without rhyme or reason, and leaves us with yet another challenge...
Feral Cat With Bad Eye

But we still try. We still struggle. We still survive. Or at least we try... and while we are here, we try to take time to play and enjoy life a little (or at least we should).
kittens play wrestling, Xiu and Fran

The feral cats have taught us this: Great or small, feline or human, life throws us challenges and obstacles and we deal with them as best we can. We try to overcome. We try to keep going. We hope for a better day. And if we do it all just right, we maintain our wonderment in our happy-sad-crazy world...
feral cat inspect bicycle

Seemingly alone in the world.. independent yet depending on others in ways we never realize. With hopes and fears and a will to survive: In so many ways, we're all ferals in this world.