Jun 29, 2010

Cat Photo of the Day, 3/4-Tailed Gort

3/4-Tailed Gort Cat
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First of all, Gort is a girl. I didn't know that when I named her. When she was a feral kitten she had a weird way of lumbering about that - for some strange reason - made me think of the giant robot The Day The Earth Stood Still (the original Gort, not the modern one, which I've never seen). Later, after she was rescued from the feral life because she starving, I found out she was a girl.
Baby Gort, after Rescue

Gort was up for adoption but nobody took her, so she's still here. She's actually very sweet and loves to be petted. Gort has an unusual 3/4 length tail with a twist near the end. This is not an injury; she was born that way. There are maybe half a dozen feral cats in the area that have this particular anomaly, with another half-dozen or so with full bobtails.
She also likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, playing.
Playful Gort