Jul 22, 2010

Captured Kittens, Feral Photo of the Day

Captured ... Kittens

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Well it's all about trying to rescue kittens from the feral life, isn't it? That's what the title of this photo blog says....

These two little kittens have been captured and I'm not using "capture" as a synonym for taking a photograph. As I took this, they didn't yet know that all avenues of escape had been closed off.

I've already cleaned up the smaller ones eyes and they are starting to become people friendly. I don't know what I'm going to do, though - it's so hard to find homes anymore. That's the sad part: The intentions of this project began with the idea of at least giving feral kittens a chance at a new and better life and for a while it seemed like it was working to some degree.

With more and more kittens out there, though, there just aren't enough homes to go around. So while I'd like to keep telling myself that I'm giving them a chance at a better life, the truth is that it isn't much of a chance. It's just the best I can do.

 Remember this face.