Jul 23, 2010

Cat & Snakey Mouse

A feral cat photo of the day collection....

Gadget the fearless feral cat enjoys some play time with a homemade cat toy called a Snakey Mouse, fun!
Gadget the Fearless Feral enjoys a Snakey Mouse. This was her first opportunity with this homemade cat toy and she found it very interesting. We now have 3 of them to work with, courtesy of CatCalls (the designer/creator of Snakey Mice).

She enjoyed wrestling with a red Snakey Mouse too! It was lots of fun...

Chubby Gadget the fearless feral cat wrestles with a home made cat toy, donated to the cause

It's really hard to tell but I think our chubby little girl had a slight preference for the red Snakey Mouse ...I'm not sure. This, it turns out, might be a bit problematic....

Mort the cat investigates a hand made cat toy

Next, Mort the rescued feral kitten finds the red Snakey Mouse ...and he likes it!

Mort the Cat loves to play with his snakey mouse homemade cat toy

Mort likes the Snakey Mouse a lot. In fact, Mort loves the Snakey Mouse!

Mort the cat runs off with a homemade Snakey Mouse cat toy

Mort stole the Snakey Mouse!!!!! Come back, Mort! Oh well ...This is basically the last I saw of the red Snakey Mouse. However, we have the blue and the white one to work with. (And Mort was obviously very pleased).

Thank you, CatCalls for your generous donation of hand-made cat toys. The kitties love them.