Dec 8, 2010

Muted Tortie Trouble, Kitten

sick tortoise shell kitten, muted tortie with bad eye
This picture was taken a few days ago - it's our one and only muted tortie kitten, looking sickly. The usual round of upper respiratory and eye infections are busy causing misery these days. Poor little thing is looking especially bad.  The "eyes-half-closed" look isn't a coincidence of photo timing, but an indication of how sick she is. Even though people are big monsters, she got sick enough to ask one for help. It is a brave and scary thing to do.....  Captured...

Recovering tortie kitten learns to like people for the first time in her short life
Taken inside for cleanup, food and recuperating while hovering around the wood stove... Looking less muted last night in the light of indoors plus 380EX flash, our tiny tortie kitten is definitely feeling better - although she has a ways to go.

She is learning to like people for the first time in her short, very hard life.  Only yesterday, she learned - for the first time - about being petted. She purred...

I don't know what I'm going to do with her: there are too many waiting for homes as it is. Poor Spot and Wishe are still homeless but with me for now.  There needs to be more loving homes for these poor things. But, somehow we keep on going, don't we?
Indoors, better fed, and on the road to recovery

I love kitties - sometimes I wonder how I can survive it all. It's heartbreaking and sad and confining. People look down on "crazy cat ladies" but it is really just seeing a need and trying to meet it. It's too big for one person. We just do the best we can. Meanwhile, the big "animal rescue" organizations have directors making huge six or seven figure salaries in the front office while in the back they kill people's pets with the terrifying factory-like efficiency of Nazi death camps: thousands every day - about once every one-third of a second, every day a little life is snuffed out by executive order.

The corpses pile up - a monument to human callousness  - reaching heavenward; the silence of the innocent cries out for justice. And at the same moment, those "humane" and "ethical" societies' directors are laughing all the way to the bank, having lined their own pockets with cash from those who thought they were doing the right thing.. ....Those big charities and their clever fundraisers never miss a photo op, though; bringing camera crews along as they "rescue" animals from overcrowding or "hoarding" situations (animals which they will later slaughter without remorse when the cameras are gone). But the "crazy cat ladies" - the ones actually saving lives - are derided and vilified. Is this really right? Is this the  best we can do for our fellow sentient beings? Would God want this?