Jul 15, 2011

Blog The Change For Animals - July 15

Well, I just found out about this TODAY, thanks to the wonderful Patty of the  Art & Sew Forth blog mentioning this cat blog. Thank you.
Blog the Change

You know, I just try to help the poor feral cats and give some a chance to be pets. That's why I originally called this blog Feral Kitten Rescue. But homes are so hard to come by. Many tamed kittens end up staying in the feral colony because nobody adopts them. And then we always end up losing some to coyote predation.

The ones that survive at least have two meals a day and warm places to sleep at night, but they're still not in loving homes. We need to see more adoptions.

Since this is a day to recognize people who help animals, I want to recognize possibly the world's greatest cat trapper and rescuer: Jodi of the Cat Eyes photo blog. Be sure to visit her blog. I've never met her but I know she's busy running around all over the place trapping and rescuing kitties - and gets no credit for it. So I just want to say, thank you.

Visit: Cat Eyes