Jul 28, 2011

Feral Kitten

Not always a pretty site... every kitten is beautiful in my eyes but the reality is that pretty much all feral kittens are sick and most of them don't make it - except for human intervention, anyway. I haven't captured this one, except with my camera.

If a kitten is rescued, it still will often have long term health problems because that's the way of nature. In the real world, most living things are sick most of the time. In a first world country with modern medicine, we've forgotten that. I know because I have to live with this everyday.

If a kitten gets captured and manages to get beyond the sickness, then there is the question of homes: There aren't enough of them and as heartbreaking as it is to see a sick kitten, it is at least as heartbreaking to capture and tame a feral kitten, and nurse it back to health, only to have to turn it back loose in the feral colony because there is no place for it to go. And in this regard, I'm just about at the end of my rope.

I have kittens but I do not have homes for them. And this is sometimes too painful to talk about.