Jul 14, 2011

Two Tabby Feral Cats at Rest

two feral cats relaxing and napping after food time
Two tabby feral cats, just relaxing and napping after breakfast. This is their most contented time.

I took too much time off for my birthday, probably, so I haven't posted much since the weekend. It happens. The kitties still get attention every day but I don't always schedule time to take pictures of them.

This is also coyote season and I worry about how many cats we will lose. The most heartbreaking, of course, are the ones that were tamed as feral kittens and put up for adoption - but nobody adopted them. We lose some of those precious pets every year. :( It's so sad. I do what I can but I can't guard them 24/7 - if only I could. I wish there were more homes because I have several kitties that could be adopted and kept safe instead of living in danger among the colony.