Aug 10, 2011

Tortie Kittens Need Love, Too !

All made-up, colorful and pretty ..and no place to go! Aww.  Georgia, the four month old Tortie kitten seems like she's looking for love. She and her sister, Non-Georgia, are a pair of friendly, smart, and charming tortie kittens that were rescued.
Non-Georgia (above) and her sister are the cutest things to me! I love them and I think torties in general are adorable. But for some reason they can be hard to adopt out. Which is sad.  Personally, I think they are wonderful; they have that special tortie-attitude that is unique to this coloration. I want to have them for my own but I'm already maxed-out on cats. And they deserve some love.

Georgia and Non-Georgia aren't really box trained but you can work with them; they are very smart. They need a loving, safe home. I'd work with whomever adopted them for shots and spaying as they get old enough. I just want them to be well-cared for. 

I hope someone will save them! Our rescued tortie from last year was not adopted and became a victim of coyote predation before the summer was over. I still haven't recovered from that one and I don't need more things to cry over.
Wouldn't you like to save this little face?
Anyone can use the contact links to get hold of me here - or on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe these torties can be spared the fate of last year's rescued tortie kitten.