May 11, 2012

Fire at the Feral Cat Trailer

Our main Feral Cat refuge trailer caught fire about two hours ago! At this point I don't know about lost cats. I hope they all got out. I tried. It may be quite a while before I know more. And I don't feel very well at the moment. It's a sad day. I will update this post when I have something to report.

Friday PM: There are 4 cats unaccounted for, but I'm still hoping that they are just hiding. It was pretty scary. I can't say for sure, though. The cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical short in a a ceiling light.

Friday/Saturday 2 AM ... I found Basquiat, or he found me. He was one of the missing ones. He's fine but shaken and still scared. Keeping him in my sister's house overnight.

Saturday AM: Still missing at this time are Gizmo, Gadget and Mort.  I haven't given up hope, though.

Saturday 11:30 AM: MORT is still with us!  I found him today IN the burned out trailer...but obviously he'd gotten out during the fire. He was just inspecting what was left of his home.  Basquiat was there too, both imploring me to please fix it.
MORT : Alive And Well ...But Sad

Not much left
Monday PM: Gizmo finally showed up for an evening feeding, I think. He's a very nondescript tabby so I'm not always certain when I see him. He looks lost and unhappy but physically fine..