Aug 11, 2012

The World Is Brand New

a tiny tabby feral kitten
For the tiniest tabby feral kitten, the world is brand new. It's full of things that never happened before; full of new discoveries and adventure.

I would like to find a home for tiny tabby, but I know that all the local rescue organizations are overrun with kittens. There just aren't enough homes. It's sad. Many of those other kittens probably won't find homes, either. I delude myself with hope.

They melt your heart, but they also make you cry.... cry because I can't give them what would be best for them - a loving home. You do have to wonder, sometimes, why life has to be so hard, so uncaring. The longer I work with feral cats and kittens, the more I wonder about this.

Tiniest tabby is a girl, by the way, and she has a black bobtail brother.
 A fantasy of mine is for them to get a loving home together. But that's silly. It's like dreaming of winning the lottery. However, sometimes hope is all we have.