Sep 25, 2013

R.I.P. Moonpie

Poor little Moonpie. Such a sweet little feral kitten who was captured and became a pet. In his short time with us, he came to love people. His tail quivered with excitement whenever we approached him. You couldn't ask for a sweeter kitten.

Moonpie went to the vet this morning, and ended up dying under anesthesia. It's so sad and I'm truly heartbroken. Now I guess there is no point in casting blame, although I want to blame myself for ever sending him to his doom. And if the vet thought he wasn't up to surgery, he shouldn't have put him under. But there's no point in all of that now, is there?  No, nothing can ever change what has happened. It makes me never want to take any cat to a vet ever again. I'll have to get over that, but right now it's just really hard.

Little Moonpie would have had a loving, forever home, I'm so sure. He was too sweet not to.

Moonpie, we will remember you fondly ...and miss you.