Nov 4, 2013

One-Eyed Black

One-Eyed Black a dark semi feral barn cat
One-Eyed Black is a longtime staple of the feral colony and he's really almost tame. He comes from a whole family of one-eyed cats, which makes me think that there's something genetic going on.

This kitty greets me with a quivering tail, always excited at the possibility of  a meal. Even though he's not a pet, he's very used to people. That puts him into the classification I refer to as "Barn Cats:" somewhere between tame and full-on feral.

One-Eyed Black doesn't really seem to be affected much by his disability. I guess he might have a problem if he had to hunt to survive, but since I feed these kitties, that isn't really a problem for him. Overall I think he's a calm and happy guy.

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