Dec 18, 2013


Nan-ch'üan - Nansen, an orange bobtail tabby feral cat
Nan-ch'üan, which for the sake of avoiding confusion, we will pronounce as Nansen, is an orange reticulated bobtail tabby cat that has been a regular of our feral colonies for a long time. He is seldom-photographed, though, and never close-up. Mostly, he's just here for the food.

We have a few bobtails within the feral cat collection, and no two are quite the same. Nansen, for instance, has a little tail that twists back on itself, like it's tied-up. Others have different arrangements. Anyway, I think he's kind of cute.

If I don't see you between now and then, I want to wish all our feral family friends merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hope everyone stays safe and warm! 

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