Jan 5, 2014

More Little Bunny Rabbit

Little Bunny Rabbit, a bobtail feral cat that loves to be petted
I used to call her the Smart Tortie. And she is! But things changed a bit after she started becoming tame. With much effort, she came to realize that people are really okay.... she's now at least as much of a pet as she is a feral cat. And remember, this is an adult feral cat that was born wild!  I wrote about her taming in a previous post.

She's a beautiful kitty, and I love the way her little puff of a tail quivers when she is petted. And petting is a high priority for her, now!

As I said in a previous post, it's  a small victory. But we'll take anything we can get.
Petting is the best thing, ever!