Dec 6, 2016

Camera Phone Cats

Camera phone pictures of feral cats. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Sweet Mort, the rescued former feral who has become a cat rescuer on his own. He takes care of other rescued kitties, and helps them socialize. He also hunts things for them, which is worrisome because the fields and forests are dangerous, but you can't stop him.

With a head shake, Coppertop gets ready to move off her tractor seat perch, as Hammie looks on in the background.

Our mostly-white feral, who made his first appearance on this blog as a tiny kitten - now see in the upper right corner of the top bar.

I just happened to capture this camera phone photo of one of our prettiest half-tail cats. She's shy so I hardly ever get to photograph her. She ran away a moment later....

Hey, it's Nano KayKay ..she's really more of a pet, but she wanted to get in on the act, so here she is.

Coppertop again, last but not least. And once again, she's getting interrupted. We started out interrupting her nap, now we're interrupting her bath!

Just a few of the camera phone shots I've taken. With the colder weather (and often very wet) I'm more reluctant to drag my big camera out there at this time of year. But when I remember, I have my phone with me so I can get a few shots here and there.