Aug 24, 2015

Brown Tabby Gort

Gort the brown tabby cat
Yes, Gort is a weird name for a cat. It comes from the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still ..the original 1959 version, not the crappy remake. So when Gort was little, I thought she was a boy; she was bigger than other kitties her age and had a clumsy way of walking. It made me think of the robot, so that's why she got that name.

She's just relaxing in some afternoon sun..something we will be running out of before you know it! She's a very friendly girl, and acts as security patrol when she's not lounging around.

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Aug 18, 2015

Two After-Dinner Cats

two cats after dinner nap time
Late afternoon meals, especially at this time of year, beckon one for an after-dinner nap. Actually, that's pretty much any time ... except for maybe early morning breakfast. Here we have  tabby and an orange girl just enjoying  a little sun and some sleepy time after indulging in a bit of cat food.

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Aug 10, 2015

Majestic Tabby Tux Tom

majestic tabby tux tom and possible demon cat, Winston Churchill
King of all he surveys, or so he'd like to believe, the majestic tabby tux tom indignantly poses for his official photo. For the most part, he keeps to himself but will deign to show up for things like... food. But not much else. He has royal cat stuff to which he must attend....

Something about his scowl makes me want to name him Winston Churchill.  Coincidentally, or not, I then remember that this is also the name of the demon cat in Stephen King's Pet Sematary.


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