Apr 16, 2014

Black Cat Meditation

Relaxation is the key to happiness. Meditation is relaxation with awareness, and this black cat is a master... he rests, he contemplates, and he is aware.

According to black cat wisdom, we must quiet our minds and become aware of true reality. Become aware of our surroundings with quiet contemplation. Let your mind be like the sky.

So says the black cat.
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Apr 15, 2014

Watchful Cat

Nothing is happening, really - we're just keeping an eye on the world while we rest in the comfort of our hiding spot. This calico tabby ("caliby"?) is a grand old lady among the feral cats. She's shy enough that we seldom get pictures of her unless she's asleep. Here, though, she is keeping an eye on her yard.

I know I haven't been posting much lately. It's been a matter of work getting in the way, plus I've been really tired lately, for some reason. Sorry.
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