Jul 23, 2014

Gray Bob(tail) and Old Tortie

Two long-time residents of the feral colony share a little sun, a little shade, and a nap. And I just happened to have my little pocket camera with me, and the light was interesting, so here you go! Gray Bob, the bobtail tuxedo, and Old Tortie are often seen here.

The tortie is pretty old, not just for a feral cat but for any kitty, and so she's pretty quiet these days. She doesn't run anywhere. She doesn't dive for food, she just sits quietly and waits.But she is content.

Gray Bob is practically a pet, in a way. He has little if any fear of the people he knows. When I feed, Gray Bob will come right up to my feet, and stand fully upright, to beg for food. It's adorable, really. I can put a little canned food right at his feet when he does this, and he won't shy away at all. One time, he accidentally bit my sister (lightly): She was giving him food as he begged at her feet, but the food stuck to the spoon, so she was using her finger to scrape it off. Bob didn't see the finger, just the food. That was the one time he stepped back, somewhat horrified at the surprise finger.

Light changes in a moment....

Much like life.

A NEW BUMPERSTICKER! This is something that we came up with yesterday, while riding around in the car - get the bumper sticker now! :) It features our cartoon Widget The Cat. There will be some t-shirts or something later, probably.

Funny bumpersticker: My cat is an Honor Student at your kid's school

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Jul 21, 2014

Fluffy Orange's Post Dinner Nap

After a good meal, it's time for a nap for the Fluffy Orange tuxedo. He looks a little frazzled, but then feral cats often look that way. They don't get the luxuries of pets but I think they still have some pleasures in their lives. Right now, Fluffy Orange is full and just wants a little break. Maybe he'll clean-up later.
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