Nov 19, 2014

Gray Bob seems to Like the Fall

Sitting up in the air, all proud - Gray Bob seems to like the crisp weather of fall long as it isn't raining, anyway. Of course, it's been doing a lot of that, lately - but we did have a few days of dry-but-cold weather, and Bob was okay with that....

So I don't know how ready for winter we really are; I always hope and pray that it will be mild, and sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. Do I have enough shelters for kitties? Can I get them through it all?  I can only hope.

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Nov 17, 2014

Tabby Cat with Vestibular Syndrome

tabby feral cat showing signs of vestibular disease or syndrome
The tilted head is what you always see first: Then there's the falling sideways and general confusion about what is up versus what is down. Vestibular disease in an inflammation of the vestibular system, which we all use to orient ourselves in the world. The causes are usually unknown and recovery takes a couple of months, although sometimes it can go away much more quickly.

This is poor, sweet Star Cat, a veritable senior citizen of the colony,  and this is the second time in his life that he's had an attack... the last time was about a year and a half ago in spring. And this time, it's fall. I mention that because one of the few things noted about vestibular syndrome is that it is most common in the spring and fall, and nobody knows why.

Get well soon, Star Cat!

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