Coppertop Watches

Coppertop orange tuxedo feral cat
Perched on the old farm truck's roof, the venerable Coppertop the friendly feral cat keeps on eye on all the goings on around the yard and in the fields. She's also keeping an eye on me, of course... just on general principles.


Mort the Cat

A double exposure of our own feral cat rescuer Mort the Cat, in the wild... so to speak. Mort likes to wander far and wide. Sometimes he's gone for days at a time. And when he returns, sometimes he brings back a feral cat he found. Mort is a rescuer. I wish he'd stay closer to home, however.

Today is the first chance I've had to take new photos. Mostly it's been weather issues but sometimes I'm just too busy. I'm glad I got this picture, anyway.


Two Feral Cats

Two cats, and while I titled this two feral cats, the orange tom is actually tame. He was abandoned by someone and he just happened to find his way here to the feral colony. He's very sweet and friendly, and would love to be a pet. Sadly for him, I can't handle any more pets. If someone were looking for an orange tom, though, he'd be great.