Jun 18, 2009


sick feral kitten

Being a feral cat is a very hard life; being a feral kitten is usually a death sentence. I found this kitten so sick that it couldn't move so I scooped it up and brought it to my car for treatment. You see it here on the dashboard.

It's sad but I have to be honest and tell you that few of the kittens I've photographed for you in the past several weeks are still alive. One of three things gets them: cat flu, fleas or raccoons. You can add to that loose dogs, too, I suppose.

For this one, I cleaned off its eyes and nose, which were covered with crap. I brushed it out and I gave it a flea treatment Then I forced it to drink some warm kitten milk formula. After that, I kept this little kitty in the car for an hour or so with the heat on high to warm it up.

When it was finally revived enough to begin moving around - finally gaining enough strength to walk - and started to look scared of me, I had to take it back where I found it. I try to take care of as many little creatures as I can but I'm already maxed out on my legal number of pets. And there is no shelter in my area. So it had to go back. This may be a death sentence but I can only do so much on my own.

On the good side, at the end of this process the little tabby kitty is still weak but it is now able to eat, as you see:

sick kitten now eating some dry food

If it keeps eating and doesn't succumb to its many health problems, it will survive and hopefully I will be able to catch it again for a trip to the vet when it's a little older.