Nov 4, 2009

Cat Photo of the Day - Fluffy Ditsy Willemina


She got the name Willemina because she is the daughter of the abandoned Maine Coon "Willem 'Willie' DeKooning" - she's very pretty and possibly the worlds dumbest feral cat. Seriously, her attention span is so short that she's actually difficult to feed!

When you put down food you have to move your hand away very quickly, else Willemina will follow your hand instead of eating the food in front of her. She's always been a very good hearted kitty, though, if somewhat difficult to approach. I remember when she was a half grown kitten how she always took care of and looked after her ill sister we named Sick Baby Frida Khalo. I'm sure she would have been a good, if ditsy, cat mom too but she was spayed at 6 months of age.

I think Willemina is about five or six years old now - I've kind of lost track. And I continue to be amazed at her ability to remain alive and healthy despite her air-headedness.