Nov 30, 2009

Tom Cat Combat - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Two toms threaten each other. Sometimes such disputes escalate into vicious fights. Sometimes animals get hurt. In this case, the threat display ended with the tabby tom slowly backing away. I was glad that no kitties got hurt.
Tom Cat Dispute

Had things escalated I would have stepped in. Feral cats are easily frightened by people so it isn't hard to break up fights.

There is a video going around the 'net that shows two toms in such verbal combat; the video is captioned as if they were a couple having an argument. That's the "funny" part. Unfortunately, there is also a young tom who is in mortal danger in that video. The younger, smaller black and white tom has been backed up against a tire so that it can no longer retreat, while a much larger tom threatens it. We can only hope it is okay.