Mar 5, 2010

Mort Versus Tortie Xiu - Wrestling Feral Cat Photos of the Day Series

It's rescued feral kitten Mort versus tortoise shell Xiu (or Hanna, I haven't decided) - with special gust referee Fran. It's east versus west, it's the Rumble In The Bramble ...   ...Xiu (or Hanna) approaches - and she looks like she's ready for action...
feral kitten wrestling, tortoise shell fuzzes up, ready for action
Mort is ready, though, as he dodges Xiu's attack and tags her flank as she races by, then Mort catches her in a rear headlock..
kitten Mort puts a headlock on kitten Xiu or Hanna

Mort tries to get a firmer grip, referee Fran keeps a close eye for illegal holds..
rescued feral kittens Mort, Xiu and Fran wrestle and play
But Xiu (or Hanna) performs a backflip, her patented Kung-fu trick!
Kitten Wrestling: Mort Vs Tortie Xiu

And down goes Mort! Down goes Mort!  Referee Fran rushes to get out of the way....
tortoise shell kitten uses kata hajime and flips feral kitten Mort
Mort is down after Xiu employs her famous Kata hajime maneuver. Mort looks like he's done. Fran checks...
feral kitten Xiu uses judo and kung-fu to obtain victory
Mort lowers his tail to the ground in surrender... That's it! It's all over - Fran awards the victory to Xiu, thanks to her incredible athletic prowess. Mort gives Xiu a friendly pat on the rear as she exits the arena.
Tortie kitten runs away, gets swatted

Better luck next time, Mort. It was all in good fun, anyway: No kittens were harmed in this symbolically-brutal battle.