Aug 2, 2010

The Return of Snakey Mouse, Sort of... Cat Photo Essay

Not long ago, I told the story of Snakey Mouse, the hand-created toy donated to us. Mort ran away with the red snakey mouse. Then suddenly, days later, it came back...
Feral Cats At Play, the Return of Snakey Mouse
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I don't know where Mort has been hiding the snakey mouse (original story) but I noticed near dusk that it was back! And Mort was sharing it with friends - including One-Eye Tabby who seems especially enthralled by Snakey Mouse:
Playing with a toy, feral tabby cat

Snakey Mouse seems to be very popular. Had it not been so close to dark I might have gotten even better photos, but I work with what they give me.

Everyone wants in on the Snakey Mouse act. I think that might be tortie Xiu coming to investigate. Mort is there too, wanting to join back in... perhaps jealous that his stolen toy gets more attention than he does!

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all. I was just lucky to catch it in the fading light.

Feral cats wrestle with toy snakey mouse

Snakey Mouse had been missing for a while. I'll never know where Mort had it hidden but he hid it well. When they finally took a break, I swiped it back. ...Except now I feel guilty so I'm thinking about returning it.

Snakey Mouse was provided by artist-designer CatCalls.
Photos by Pagani: EOS 1n Fujifilm Superia 1600