Jan 6, 2011

Handsome Tabby Tux Feral

Handsome, pretty tabby cat tuxedo striped feral tom

Have I given this handsome, well-marked tabby-tux cat a name?  I don't think so. It's embarrassing to admit, but I lose track sometimes.

Well, let's consider his markings and come up with something.  I've been.. I don't know, feeling off lately. As you know I recently did the annual memorial, so there's that, and then I was reading how my cat lady friend-blogger just lost another one too... and so I guess I haven't kept up with everything like I should. However, bummed-out or not, I think we can collectively come up with a name for this cute guy. After all, we're doing this for them, not us. So... You pick the name, we'll all see what we like.

Here, he heard the shutter sound I think....

closeup of a cute feral cat, a tuxedo type tabby