Aug 2, 2011

Feral Kittens, Cats, and Toys

A little play experiment with cat toys and feral cats... I tossed out a couple of cat toys in the yard to see what would happen.
Fran the cat investigates a toy snakey mouse
Fran is the first to move in. Okay, technically she isn't a feral cat but a rescued as yet unadopted kitty. But she loves these toys. Soon she has help.
"Little Tabby," definitely a feral, moves in to help Fran with the fun. These toys were provided by Patti "Mewmart" Arnold of Etsy Catcalls - thank you.  ...Eventually we moved to a porch to continue the action. Remember the sickly-looking feral kitten from the July 28 post (post before last)?

feral kitten enjoys a home-made cat toy
She loves it! Just a feral kitten, she didn't know that there were such things as toys. Delightful!  She had a pretty good time until "Good Mom" cat 'borrowed' this one...
Good Mom had a lot of fun too, and even played a little playful tug of war with the little kitten as well as other kitties...
They had fun and I tried hard to not interrupt with my incessant clicking. Things started to slow down, finally. Then Star Cat got involved...
And then it was three times as good. Everybody played. It seems like feral cats are reasonably cooperative - at least when it comes to games.

I could go on but I think we have the general idea; feral cats love to play with toys. The fact that they aren't pets doesn't really alter their basic personalities. ....Star Cat enjoyed the pillow toy too:
Star Cat stands up with pillow cat toy
Star Cat stands up to hug his pillow. ...I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all.  And of course, there will be many more adventures yet to come.