Nov 20, 2012

Cat and Overturned Wheelbarrow

An orange/ginger bobtailed feral cat decides to explore an overturned wheelbarrow for no particular reason. There is a holding cage in the background.

We just got through a big storm which featured 100 mile-per-hour wind and knocked down power poles:
Well, we have no electricity - look at the power poles, they're down. 100 mile-per-hour winds. #disaster #Hipstamatic #JohnS #Inas1935
This is the view of our road. Well, it was, anyway. Today they sawed up these power poles and put up new ones. And so we have electricity again! For now... We get big storms from time to time. On the east coast, people call these "superstorms" ... Here we call it, Tuesday. You probably never hear about it because this is the northwest coast. Nobody cares about us. That's a fact.

The cats are all fine, but unhappy about the situation. The "Cat Condo" I built for feeding was actually picked up and moved several feet. And it weighs a lot!  I got it back in place, though.