Jul 15, 2013

Kitten Party: Sheldon and Mini-Sheldon

Sheldon, the former feral kitten who is now available for adoption (bottom) meets Mini-Sheldon, a feral kitten who might be captured and tamed. They're both sole-survivors of their respective litters, so they have both probably been longing for another kitten to play with. And this is their opportunity. Let the games begin!
"Finally, somebody like me!" ....Mini Sheldon leaps over Sheldon and a chase ensues.

Kittens love to play games, and I've done my best to keep Sheldon entertained. But there is no substitute for another kitten, really. There is so much stalking to do, and play fighting....

Everyone had a good time!  It's too bad it had to end. The thing is, I don't know if I can handle another kitten. It's hard enough to find homes as it is. But for a short time, two kittens got to have pretend litter-mates, and that was a good thing I guess.