Aug 21, 2014

Brown Tabby Keeps an Eye on Things

brown tabby cat example

A brown tabby keeps an eye on the feral cat activity from a convenient perch. Actually, this is brown tabby Gort. Yes, it's a stupid name. I was being cute at the time. Also, Gort is a girl. I thought she was a boy when I gave her the name. Sigh. After all the years and all the feral cats, they're lucky if they get a name that's any fancier than "Brown Cat" or "Little Tabby" (actual names I've used!).

Gort was "rescued" from starvation as a mid-size feral kitten. I put rescue in quotes because it's not like she got her own home and all that. I just saved her life. But I suppose she's happy to be around, anyway.