Jul 20, 2015

Lucy in the Yard, with Cat Food

Lucy Cow Cat in the yard with cat food
Lucy the bobtail cow cat, in the feeding area of the yard...with cat food.... and PEX plumbing pipe, because I've had to do some plumbing work, lately. She doesn't associate with cats all that much, but Lucy decided to go out and see how the poor folk are living.  ...Lucy is a mostly-indoor cat, in case you couldn't tell.

She's been a little antsy... Fleas have been making Lucy kind of crazy. It seems like there isn't much left that's effective: we've been through Revolution and Advantage and all of that. It only sort of works, anymore. I hope they come up with something new and more effective, soon. In the meantime, we just try to cope... like Lucy tries to cope with the fact that there are other cats in the world, and she's not that big a fan of cats.