Nov 3, 2009

Semi Bob Tail Cat - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Semi-Bob Tailed Feral Cat by Pagani, all rights reserved

This rescued feral cat has the semi-bobtail strain I've mentioned before. This kitty has about 3/4ths of a tail with a hard and mostly inflexible twist at the end. There are several cats like this in the feral colony documented here at the feral cat rescue project blog.
feral tabby cat with a bob tail photo by Pagani, all rights reserved - please do NOT take!
"I'm a cougar, peering down at the world from my rocky crag..."

I find it interesting and as far as I can tell it doesn't cause a problem for any of these feral cats. Of course I could be wrong but several cats who were rescued as kittens, tamed and adopted, have this anomaly, including Lucy and Hammie - kitties you'll find here if you poke around a little bit.

A different feral cat, same tail
Many of the ferals have almost no tail at all; either folded under itself or just very short as in the feral cat below, photographed and posted before on this blog:
feral cat with a bobtail photo by Pagani, all rights reserved - please do NOT take!
The tail you can see is all she has!
The first two cats shown above have already been captured and spayed/neutered. The last one above has evaded capture so far but I hope to correct that in the next round.